Inamo Camden Secret Garden

I’ve never been to Inamo in Camden but have always heard how cool it was to order on their interactive screens which project onto their tables. I was invited by them and to see their new secret garden in Camden. This was without the interactive screens which at first was disappointing but the setting was nice on its own with fake wisteria and lattices around our tables. Although we faced the road, there were enough plants to block out the road, so no issue there with that. It was a nice space for our dinner.

We had the sharing menu which included a selection of rice rolls, Asian tapas and sushi along with a welcome drink. The Asian tapas were nice, first up being the miso and lime caramelised cashews. Funny enough, this was one of my favourite things of the night, I loved their sweetness paired with the chili and miso flavours. Next up, were the sweet potato fries. Paired with wasabi mayo, they were great because they were spiced with loads of salt and went well with the mayo dip. Also on the tapas menus were the spicy aubergine with their sweet chili sauce. These were tasty and I loved how they were cut up in nice big chucks. There were also vegetable gyoza which were delicious even though they were meatless. The last of the tapas was the tofu which really didn’t do it for me, but tofu rarely does.

Onto the sushi, we had tuna tataki which is seared tuna sliced up and served with dressings. I enjoyed this, but prefer straight up raw tuna. This was also served with a wasabi yuzu which was nice and came with a few of the dishes. My favourite were the sushi bites which had salmon and fresh tuna served in lettuce leaves and the same yuzu dressing. I would go back to have these again as I love fresh fish. We also had two maki rolls, one with fresh tuna, and green roe and radish slices on top. An odd combination of things, but I applaud the creativity with this, the colours looked fun. The last roll was a red dragon roll. which is usually my favourite, but not in this case. There was too much rice in the roll for my liking and the fillings were simple. It was presented fantastically though, with much work going into this centerpiece which used cucumber and vegetables to create a cute looking mini dragon on my plate.

In terms of service and atmosphere, it was all great. The food came out at a nice pace, giving us time to each each dish before more arrived. There server could answer questions about each item and we never felt rushed. After all the above, a hot steaming plate of delicious mushrooms arrived which was just wanted we needed. Our server explained they leave this for the end as it’s a nice way to end the main meal and go into dessert.

For dessert, the meal came with two. One was a chocolate fondue which had some brownies, melted chocolate, mini marshmallows, 3 strawberries and popping candy. This served its purpose of being something to snack over with some conservation, but was nothing to visit for. The brownies were a bit dry, the fondue was just melted chocolate in a small bowl and the marshmallows were just as you’d expect out of a bag. I would change this to a larger bowl of chocolate, more strawberries and just the pot of popping candy. The second dessert was a selection of mochi. These were nice, pretty standard but came served topped with whipped cream and glacier cherries which cheapened the dish. Flavours were nice and I liked that we got a selection of flavours, but skip the decoration.

Overall we had a nice time, I’d return to the secret garden for a few of the tapas on a nice warm day. I’m also still curious to see how the interactive ordering tables work, so I was to return for those as well.

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