Getting Fit with Secret Fitness in Central London

Secret cinema, secret theatre, secret dinners, immersive experience, and now you can get some fitness in your life with Secret Fitness! Time to burn off all the calories from the recent supper clubs! I was invited to have some fitness fun with Secret Fitness by and was told nothing but where to meet.

I arrived at our meeting point which was at Angel Station, without an idea of what we would be doing. My train was delayed so I had a warm-up running there and thankfully everyone waited for me. From here we walked over to the canals and my guess that today’s event would be boating based was confirmed. This guess turned out to be correct as we soon arrived at a canoe club (via motorized boat) and then got right into it. Slightly terrified but never one to turn down something new, I grabbed a canoe.
The venue had everything we needed including changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms. Our instructor for the day, Chris Shaw is a Personal Trainer and Sports Coach. Using his experience, he’s finding ways to make fitness fun and exciting. This was going to be exciting because it had been years since I canoed and I found the thought of it slightly scary. Thankfully my fear of flipping over in the boat was put to rest as they were super wide, plastic and boyant. Thank God!
After a quick and easy lesson, we set off down the beautiful canals in Angel. We took things at a leisurely pace, but even still, I could feel muscles working that normally don’t. There’s a lot into stabilising while in the boat so I felt some of the core getting a workout. I think the next time I boat, I want to work up a sweat going faster, but this was a good starter course.
Personally I find that working out at the gym can be very routine, and for some: boring! Mixing up what you do for exercise is the best way to keep things exciting. Secret fitness offers that with differing activities, canoeing just being one. You need no prior fitness ability either, so give it a go for some fun. I would like it if there were a higher intensity event to book into, maybe something for Chris to think about in the future.

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