Alice in Winterland


Even after living in London for what feels like my whole life, there’s always somewhere new to explore. I had never heard of Southwark Park before, but now it’s had about half of it done up and transformed into a light and lantern festival telling the story of Alice in Wonderland. I gladly jumped down this rabbit hole.

And jumping down the rabbit hole occurs quite literally at the start, where there is a slide through a dark tunnel, starting your journey in Wonderland. This is all on a hill with a giant rabbit lantern up top. Straight away you know this is going to be good.


The trail is short compared to others around town such as Kew Gardens, but absolutely jam packed with lanterns, music and lights. Along the way are boxes where you can press to hear the story of Alice pertaining to the site you are seeing. Honestly, this story is crazier than you remember from the book and this walk included much more than the films did.

There are also some interactive parts like a projection were you can become the Cheshire cat and dance your heart out. Many of the lanterns move, which makes the whole place really feel alive.

At the end is Santa wwho you can take a photo with (extra cost) and get some food. I had a nice amazing peanut butter hot chocolate here and a blue cheese burger made real steak meat. Not the usual quality you find at an event like this, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I was surprised at the quality of everything. Everything from the detailed lanterns, audio story telling, great food and very friendly staff. Thanks to for the invite.


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