The Big London Bake


If you ever wished that you could experience what it’s like to be in a tent, competing against other bakers in a technical challenge with your results being judged, and only having 90 minutes to complete…then your wish has come true. True to form as a certain channel 4 show, The Big London Bake is a fun night where you and other bakers have your skills put the test (with a lot of help thankfully) to create a delicious and well decorated bake. They recently invited me for a visit via

On arrival, once you get over the fact that this is a real life tent set up outside behind a bar in Tooting, you’ll be walking into what could be a the set of a former BBC TV show… Wink wink. Choose your station, put your apron on, and be ready to fill your classic style green fridge with your creations. Ready! Set! Bake!

The tent is very well supplied. You have access to pretty much any flavour combination you could want, with a selection of fruits, nuts, spices and essences. You are given all the tools and utensils required at your station and there are plenty more if you need. One bit that’s different from what you might expect is that this is a joint effort bake, so find your baking buddy to go with and get ready for a fun evening together.

For our bake, we got to make a tart, along with the pastry from scratch. We chose to do a chocolate pastry- a daring move we were told by our master chef – because it would be hard to tell when it has baked. Never the less, we went with our plan, and paired it with a coffee flavoured custard filling. Non traditional was our motto for the evening, but we balanced the flavours with a strawberry reduction between the base and the custard.

The instructions for the bake were very well laid out and detailed. We could also ask questions and get help if we needed. When our custard wasn’t thickening, we were told to turn up the heat and keep stirring which did the trick. When we wanted to make chocolate bark, we were given different chocolates to choose from and some tips on how to do it.

In the end, our chocolate-coffee tart, topped with dark chocolate bark and nuts was a winner. When the judging was over (7 tarts in total) we walked away with second place, and a delicious tart to take home (half each). While it would have been nice to have had two small ones each, splitting it wasn’t hard to do.

Book yourself in to bake at, they are currently booking for speed dating bake events as well! Read more about fun London events at

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